Hunky Cowboys

Hunky Cowboys

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Hunky Cowboys| Knitting Project Bag| Crochet Tote Bag| Drawstring Bag


Check out these Hunky Cowboys! They are sure to get your knitting/crochet group buzzing.......


Carry your crochet or knitting project conveniently with you everywhere you go with these stylish drawstring bags.  They are lined with a complimenting brown lining and zipper pouch. Coordinating drawstring ties with red cording and blue beads. Shown with red mini skeins (not included)


Available in 3 sizes:


Small 15 x 15 x 18 cm (6" x 6" x 7'h) - perfect for sock knitting

Medium 15 x 18 x 23 cm (6" x 7" x 9"h) - perfect for shawls and medium projects

Large 18 x 20 x 28cm (7" x 8" x 11'H) - perfect for larger sweaters


The centre divider is great for keeping projects separated in your bag. 


Lots of room for your wool/yarn and includes a zippered divider pocket  for scissors, stitch markers, etc.


It also includes domed guides that feed your yarn smoothly to help keep them from tangling. The top folds over for easy access.




Constructed from quality 100% Quilting cotton fabric, 100% cotton batting  and quilter's cotton lining.


Built in zippered pouch for notions.


Two yarn guides with resin snaps


Double-Drawstring closure.

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